Friday, November 29, 2013


Living in the Real
Seeking the Ideal,
Striving for Balance
2013 November

Wandering & wondering

Looking back at my life
How did I get to here?
It was small steps
with, to, and for
people who meant a lot

Sad enough to say,
 that you will never see
How you changed my way
Or what you meant to me

Just like those
who came before
Never saw me
as you saw me.
2013 October

One of; None of

I often miss being your
   one and only
Although I'd rather be
   one of many
Than as I am now as
  none of any.
2013 October

Embracing mistakes

I've apologized,
I've explained,

all to no avail
what the hell,

time to choose
nothing left to lose

by embracing it
and then leaving it
2013, October

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Painful paths

Ending an old path can be painful,
Beginning a new path can be more so.

One knows how the old will end,
and the paths to get there are few:
....all you have to do is pick one and follow it.

New paths are many,
and their ends are unknown.
... just like when one began on the path that is ending....